Irish Water Safety


29th July – 2nd August 2024

Safety 1-4: 9am-11.15am

Rescue 1-2: 11.30am-1.45pm

Endurance 1-2: 11.30am-1.45pm

Beginners welcome! 8 Years and up.

Claremorris Leisure Centre host the Irish Water Safety  course
every July and August.

  • Children and adults participate in one of 8 different levels depending on their age, swimminLogo_-_Irish_Water_Safetyg ability and previous lifesaving experience.
  • Awards instructed were Safety awards 1,2,3,4, Endurance awards 1 & 2 and Rescue awards 1 & 2. Each award contained graded water safety skills which are taught and practiced in the pool environment.
  • The participants also learn Basic Life Support which includes CPR, rescue breathing and care for an unconscious or choking person.
  • The participants are instructed by fully qualified Irish Water Safety instructors and also guided by two trainee instructors.

Claremorris Leisure Centre are looking forward to holding another Irish Water Safety course in the near future so these participants can build on their lifesaving skills and new participants can also learn these invaluable skills.

For More Information you can contact Paul Gleeson on 094-9371313 (Irish Water Safety co-ordinator)