Pool, Sauna, Steam Room & Jacuzzi

What are your public pool hall times?

Public Times for the Pool Hall are shown in YELLOW. Click Here to view our Pool Hall Timetable

When can members use the pool hall?    

Members can use the Pool Hall during the times shown in YELLOW & PURPLE. Click Here to view our Pool Hall Timetable

Are there specific times children cannot use the Pool?    

No, children who are members can use the pool during the times shown in YELLOW & PURPLE. Children who are not members can use the pool during the times shown in YELLOW.


Do you need to wear swimming hat in the pool?

Yes, all patrons must wear a swimming hat in the interest of hygiene. Hats can be purchased at reception.

What is Swimming Lane etiquette?        

Please ensure you swim in the correct direction which can be seen on the lane signs at deep end of pool. Arrows indicate what direction swimmers travel in to avoid collision.

How do you secure the lockers?

There is a 4 digit code locking system on all lockers. Put your belongings in the locker, close door of locker and leave arrow facing upwards and enter your code, twist locker handle anti-clockwise to close and mix up the number dial. Should you need assistance, please ask a member of staff.


What are the gym opening times?

Click Here for gym opening times.

Is there separate changing facilities for the gym?            

Yes, located on the first floor are men’s, women’s and accessible changing room with private shower areas.

Can I use my phone in the gym?              

For health and safety reasons, phones are not permitted in the gym, pool or spectators area.

I am unsure of what exercises to do, is there anyone who can help me?  

Yes of course, we are here to help! Included in your membership, you can avail of a free fitness assessment and personalised programme designed by one if our gym instructors. You can book your appointment for a time that suits you at reception.

Do you provide personal training?  

Yes, click Here to see our personal training packages and personal trainers.

Fitness Classes

What is your class timetable?

Click Here to view our class timetable.

I have never participated in a fitness class before, what should I do to prepare? 

Book your place prior to the class, with the exception of Aqua Aerobics and Aqua Fit classes. If you are unsure of what classes to do, please contact us and we can help advise you of what is best suited to you capability. Fill in a health screening questionnaire and advise the class instructor of any conditions you may have. Bring a towel and bottle of water with you and ensure you wear appropriate footwear.

Do you have to be a member to participate in fitness classes?    

No, you can book your place in any of our fitness classes and pay as you go. you will be asked your name and contact number.


What accessible facilities do you provide?

Our facility is completely wheelchair accessible. We can provide you with a wheelchair for use in our wet areas. Our pool hall provides a portable pool hoist so that individuals can be lowered safely into the pool. Our accessible shower rooms provide a portable non slip chair for use in the shower or while changing and the changing village provides wheelchair accessible cubicles. Our sauna and steam room provide a spacious area for wheelchair users.

The first floor changing facility, gym and studio can be accessed using the lift.

Our facility is adequately lit in all areas with user friendly signage & braille.