Fitness Classes


Booking is essential and Booking policy of 7 days applies to all fitness classes with the exception of Aqua Fit and Aqua Aerobics. 

Call  094-9371313 to book your place now!!

(M)= Free to Members                    (C)=Course


ADULT LANE TRAINING (50mins) (Pool) (C)

Ideal for those training for a   triathlon or who would like to take their swimming to the next level. The only requirement is to be able to swim 50 meters continuously.       * 8 Week Course*

SWIM FIT (45mins) (M) 

Our swim coach will put you through your paces in a 45 minute swim session. This is to Improve your distance and increase your cardiovascular fitness!

AQUA FIT (45mins) (M)

Hit the water for this high intensity aerobic workout using the water resistance, woggles and disc’s to get you into shape. 

AQUA AEROBICS (45mins) (M)

Pop into the pool for this effective gentle 45min water based workout.


SPIN & ABS (45mins)

This is a high intensity, great calorie burning class involving a variety of movements on the bike. It incorporates heart pumping routines combined with AB strengthening intervals to give you a complete cardio and core workout.

TAI-CHI (60 mins) (C)

Internal health benefits (breathing mindfulness) and practical applications (balance, resiliency) from the traditions of the world’s most deeply respected martial art. No athletic ability needed. *8week Course*

CIRCUITS (60mins) (M)

This is a mix of aerobic, conditioning and core exercises with a difference. This is ideal to get you into shape for the winter months.

BOX & TONE (45mins) (M)

This is the most effective method to lose weight, tone muscles and build strength. Classes involve boxing exercises, cardio drills and heart pumping movements that target the upper and lower body.

DISCO SPIN (45mins) (M)

This is a cardio butt-kicking workout on a stationary bike that will help to tone up, get fit and burn numerous calories in a late night atmosphere with a twist.


A half hour lunch time aero cycle which is great for burning calories and improving    fitness.This involves high intensity exercises with minimum recovery time between sets.

SPIN & SCULPT (45mins) (M)

This is a cardio-butt-kicking workout combined with upper-body toning using our weighted bars, the perfect way to get that body sculpted,

ZUMBA (60mins) 

This is a fusion of hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to follow moves to create a one of a kind fitness programme that will blow you away!

EARLY BIRD SPIN (45mins) (M)

Jump start your day with fresh combinations of high intensity spin which will make it well worth the early wake up call! Great for burning calories and improving overall fitness.

KETTLEBELLS (45mins) (M)

Kettlebells involves high repetition exercises using more than one muscle simultaneously. It offers a different type of training using dynamic moves targeting almost every area of fitness:

—agility, balance, endurance, strength and cardio.


ACTIVE 55 (60mins)(M)

Keeping active is the key to good health. Improve your health with exercises for strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination as well as having a bit of tae, ceol agus craic.


BUM, TUMS & THIGHS (45mins)

This class takes free weights exercises commonly used in the gym and places them into a studio environment. Its is a muscular strength and endurance workout that uses high repetitions and light weights.


A health screening questionnaire must be completed before participating in a class.