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Thump Boxing for fitness is a group fitness class that is structured to give YOU a more enjoyable workout with minimising the risk of injury and all the benefits of a maximum workout.

Thump was developed in 2001 by Christian Marchegiani, a boxing for fitness trainer in New York with the YMCA.  He has since returned to Australia and is based in Sydney.

All the Thump Boxing for Fitness classes has Thump qualified trainers, they are specifically trained to make your class as structured and safe as possible.

Benefits of thump boxing:

  • Over the years boxing has been used by athletes, sporting teams, and the general public as a form of health and fitness.  It is the most used form of exercise among personal trainers and sports coaches.
  • CORRECT boxing training not only works all parts of the body but also all aspects of fitness such as; Cardiovascular fitness, Muscular endurance, Muscular strength, Stamina, Co-ordination, and power.
  • The above aspects of fitness can be related to many objectives of people trying to lose weight, people wanting to increase strength and stamina, or a person wanting to gain more power.
  • Whatever the goal is remember there is always the physical and mental advantages to any type of exercise training.

New 6 Week Course Starting:

 September – Date to be confirmed

Free to Members/Non Members €48